Snorkel with Whale Sharks Playa del Carmen

Whale Sharks – try a Whale Shark tour in Playa Del Carmen

Whale sharks are one of the most fascinating creatures in our oceans.  Experiencing one of these docile giants up close with one of this year’s whale shark tours in Playa Del Carmen is something that should be on everyone’s bucket list.  From June to September is whale shark season in the  Yucatán, as these gentle giants come to feed on the algae blooms in the area’s warm tropical waters.

The whale shark, so-called because of its great size and feeding habits, is the largest known fish still swimming in the oceans of the world.  Whale sharks are slow moving filter-feeding fish that feed much like baleen whales, by drawing water into their mouths and filtering out the tiny plankton on which they survive.

Whale sharks are the largest non-mammalian vertebrate, with reports of fish more than 46 feet long, weighing over 60 tons.  These huge sharks, called carpet sharks because of their intricate, carpet-like color patterns, may be huge, but they are completely harmless to humans.  The warm waters of the Yucatán are the perfect habitat for these warm water loving creatures.

Whale sharks can be found plying the clear, warm waters along the Yucatán in many exotic locations, including the world snorkeling destination of Isla Mujeres just 8 miles from Cancun with its stunning coral reefs and Isla Holbox in the Yum Balam Nature Reserve, across the Yalahau Lagoon, just north of the Yucatán in Quintana Roo, between the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.

The Yucatán is famous for whale shark tours.  Wherever you go, be sure there is a whale shark tour available not far from where you’re standing!  A whale shark tour in Playa Del Carmen, Isla Holbox or Isla Mujeres is sure to be the highlight of any trip.  Snorkeling with these huge and gentle creatures as they slowly cruise the warm surface of these tropical waters is an experience no one can forget!

playa del carmen weather

Playa Del Carmen Weather 2016

Here in Playa Del Carmen we get to enjoy the best weather in the world. The tropical Caribbean climate offers warm, comfortable temperatures playa del carmen weatheryear round and endless sunshine. From November to May is considered the dry season and is my favorite Playa Del Carmen weather. The temperatures are cooler dropping as much as 10 degrees Celsius at night. There is very little rain during the dry season from November to May and it starts to feel like endless beautiful, sunny beach days with slightly cooler, comfortable nights to enjoy Playa’s incredible dining and night life.

Riviera Maya Snorkeling

The other great advantage of our Caribbean climate here in the Riviera Maya and Playa Del Carmen is the consistently warm sea temperatures we enjoy year round. The average temperature of the sea water is 27 degrees Celsius which makes swimming, diving and snorkeling in Playa Del Carmen a pleasure at any time of the year. During the dry season the hours of sunshine per day starts at 8 and increases to 11 hours of sunshine in May allowing for plenty of time to get out and enjoy all the many things to do in Playa Del Carmen.

From June to October in Playa is considered the wet season and it is more likely to rain during this time of year. What I love about it here in our tropical climate is how when it rains it often clears very quickly leaving blue, beautiful skies once again. The other bonus is that the temperatures remain consistently warm throughout the season making it ideal for water activities and snorkeling in Playa Del Carmen cenotes year round.

Playa Del Carmen Weather September To November

Many Playa Del Carmen visitors are now choosing the less popular months from September to November to take advantage of low vacation prices. This is a smart strategy since in my experience this season often turns out to be sunny and beautiful with tropical rains in the night and mostly sunny days like the rest of the year. As a full time resident of Playa I have come to enjoy this time of year just as much as the rest of the year and enjoy running on 5th Avenue in the mornings with my dog and cycling in Cozumel with friends. The fresh smell of tropical flowers and green plants combines with the sea breeze and an occasional warm shower to cool you off. You will find, like so many other people coming in flocks to live here,  Playa Del Carmen weather is good any time of year.