Snorkel with Whale Sharks Playa del Carmen

Whale Sharks – try a Whale Shark tour in Playa Del Carmen

Whale sharks are one of the most fascinating creatures in our oceans.  Experiencing one of these docile giants up close with one of this year’s whale shark tours in Playa Del Carmen is something that should be on everyone’s bucket list.  From June to September is whale shark season in the  Yucatán, as these gentle giants come to feed on the algae blooms in the area’s warm tropical waters.

The whale shark, so-called because of its great size and feeding habits, is the largest known fish still swimming in the oceans of the world.  Whale sharks are slow moving filter-feeding fish that feed much like baleen whales, by drawing water into their mouths and filtering out the tiny plankton on which they survive.

Whale sharks are the largest non-mammalian vertebrate, with reports of fish more than 46 feet long, weighing over 60 tons.  These huge sharks, called carpet sharks because of their intricate, carpet-like color patterns, may be huge, but they are completely harmless to humans.  The warm waters of the Yucatán are the perfect habitat for these warm water loving creatures.

Whale sharks can be found plying the clear, warm waters along the Yucatán in many exotic locations, including the world snorkeling destination of Isla Mujeres just 8 miles from Cancun with its stunning coral reefs and Isla Holbox in the Yum Balam Nature Reserve, across the Yalahau Lagoon, just north of the Yucatán in Quintana Roo, between the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.

The Yucatán is famous for whale shark tours.  Wherever you go, be sure there is a whale shark tour available not far from where you’re standing!  A whale shark tour in Playa Del Carmen, Isla Holbox or Isla Mujeres is sure to be the highlight of any trip.  Snorkeling with these huge and gentle creatures as they slowly cruise the warm surface of these tropical waters is an experience no one can forget!

whale shark tour playa del carmen

Whale Shark Tour

Now is the time to book your special whale shark tour with The Snorkel Shop.

Whale Shark Tour - The Snorkel ShopAs the largest fish in the sea, reaching lengths of 40 feet (12 meters) or more, whale sharks have an enormous menu from which to choose. Fortunately for most sea-dwellers—and us!—their favorite meal is plankton. They scoop these tiny plants and animals up, along with any small fish that happen to be around, with their colossal gaping mouths while swimming close to the water’s surface.

The whale shark, like the world’s second largest fish, the basking shark, is a filter feeder. In order to eat, the beast juts out its formidably sized jaws and passively filters everything in its path.  The mechanism is theorized to be a technique called “cross-flow filtration,” similar to some bony fish and baleen whales.


Five Adventures You Won’t Want to Miss

Playa del Carmen and the surrounding Riviera Maya has something for everyone, from relaxing on white sand beaches to zip-lining through the jungle at top speed. Whatever your vacation style, you’ll find what you are looking for on Mexico’s Caribbean coast.

Those who prefer a side of adrenalin with their breakfast won’t be disappointed with the range of adventurous activities on offer. From Skydiving to swimming with sharks, the following extreme experiences in and around Playa del Carmen will be sure to get your heart racing.


Skydive Playa del CarmenThe ultimate rush of free-falling from 10,000 feet is an experience you are not likely  to forget. Skydive Playa have been operating for over 17 years and offer tandem jumps daily. Strapped to your guide, you’ll experience the unique feeling of free-fall above the sparkling Caribbean Sea, before landing softly on the white sand beach of Playacar in the south of town. It is the ultimate rush!

Snorkeling with Whale Sharks

High on almost every traveler’s itinery is swimming with these majestic creatures in their natural environment. Since it’s a seasonal activity from May to September, this unique adventure is even more highly sort after. Bookings are recommended, gear is provided and our experienced team will ensure you have a once in a lifetime experience snorkeling with these giants of sea. Come in and see us or drop us an email to reserve your place on our small group tours today.


Fly over the tree-tops and observe the Mexican jungle from above on a zip-lining adventure. Xplor Adventure park boasts one of the longest zip-lines in Latin America, stretching 3 KM  above the earth.  Aktun Chen Nature Park also has an impressive zip-line system erected above the jungle, about 40 mins south of Playa del Carmen.  Also known as Indiana Joe’s,  they have a range of other activities such as cenote snorkeling and exploring ancient underground cave systems.

Cenote Diving

snorkeling in Cenote - The Snorkel ShopDiscover the many underground treasures of the Riviera Maya by diving in a cenote, or natural sinkhole. Explore caverns formed by thousands of years of geological activity, and discover a side of the world few people will ever see. There are many different locations for cenote diving. Your dive company will choose a location to suit you dependent on your experience level, to ensure you have the most enjoyable experience.  Of course if you can’t dive, snorkel with The Snorkel Shop, we are above diving!

ATV riding

Jump on a four-wheeled, all terrain speed machine and tackle jungle paths and beach trails along the Caribbean coast.  ATV Explorer jungle tours is located just south of Playa del Carmen, and offers guided adventures through the jungle which includes a refreshingly cool swim in a fresh water cenote.

There is certainly no shortage of adventure activities in Playa del Carmen ! We hope you adrenalin junkies enjoy these extreme experiences, taking life-long memories back home with you.