This tour has all the fun and excitement of the Gran Arrecife Maya tour with an added bonus, our Local Natural Wonder tour. We will take you to an inland cenote (Mayan word for well) first, to experience a natural phenomenon only found in this part of the world.


As described in A Local Natural Wonder Tour, you walk in, descend 3 meters (10ft.) into the ground to the underground cenote, snorkel around and explore the caves. You will see stalagmites, stalactites, the fish that live in this unique environment, stunning light displays (the light comes through openings in the ceiling) and an ancient Aztec temazcal. You will snorkel from opening to opening never losing sight of an exit. This is a completely safe and fun way to experience the Mayan Rivera.


After we finish in the cenote, we will take you to the national park for a cooked lunch at a beach club followed by ocean snorkeling at two reefs (Described in the Gran Arrecife Maya Tour) where you will see a huge variety of fish and coral including angel fish, yellow jacks, blue damsel fish, elk horn coral, fan coral and more. If you really like the ocean this is the tour for you!

Price $110 USD per person, with a minimum of two people.

Included in this tour: 1 Cenote Tour & Snorkel. Lunch. 2 Snorkels on the Reef (45 mins each). Personal Guide. Round-trip transportation to Playa del Carmen. All snorkel equipment. Please Note: Snorkel Shop does not provide towels