Playa del Carmen Tours

Before you look at specific tours, allow us to explain a few things about The Snorkel Shop. Let’s talk about our Transportation. All our transports are well maintained, safe and equipped for comfort. We have DVD, Music and Air Conditioning. We only take a maximum of 10 guests on a tour (but we aim for eight), although we have room for 12, giving more comfort to our Guests. We clean and inspect our transport before and after every tour. Also, we provide beverages on the trip to keep you comfortable. Our Drivers/ Guides are First aid trained and C.P.R. trained and we have first aid kits on board as well. And now for the tours.

We have designed our tours to be customized by our guests. We base our Playa del Carmen tours on ocean reef snorkeling, but let you pick options for any additional activities that you may wish to do. We offer a diverse variety of options, but if you want to do something different, let us know and we’ll accommodate you (no trips to Cuba though). From, Sea Turtle, Cenote ( Cavern) Snorkeling, Reef Snorkeling,  to horseback riding along the beach, we’ll take you there.

One more thing, we don’t rush our guest. We take our time to let you enjoy our tours at a leisurely pace.

So, click on the tour of your choice below, have a look and decide what you want to do, we’ll make it fun and remember… Snorkeling is above Diving!