Playa del Carmen WeatherPlaya del Carmen Weather

Playa Del Carmen weather ranges from warm to hot. The average temperature over the year is about 80ºF or 27ºC and the humidity is usually pretty high. The ocean is always warm enough for a swim.

Between November and January Playa del Carmen is at its coolest. During these months the daytime temperatures are comfortably warm, but at night the air cools off. There are occasional showers but typically short. This is considered high season tourists and the prices are at their highest especially over the Christmas and New Years break.  Book your stay early in the year to get the best prices and availability.  The best places will book as early as June.

February to May the weather is prime. The ocean is calm and there is little chance of rain. Flowers start to bloom and there are many tourists. Easter weekend, Spring Break and Semana Santa are very popular times to visit Playa Del Carmen.

June to August the weather becomes very hot. The ocean is calm and stays that way through the night. The sun is very powerful so wearing a hat and sun screen are a must! There are occasional rains storms but are short lived.

Hurricane season starts June 1 and ends November 30.  Typical activity is between August and October, with the peak probabilities in September (as determined by the U.S. National Hurricane Center).  A hurricane or tropical storm can occur anytime in this period.  Most hurricanes do not make landfall.  The ones that do reach land typically don’t strike the Riviera Maya.  If visiting Playa at this time of year should keep a close watch on the storm warnings and consider travel insurance just to be safe.  The rates and availability are at the lowest and a great time to take advantage of this period with incredible low prices and low occupancy.

Tropical storms can occur during the same time period.  Tropical storms are smaller and usually do not cause much damage but simply bring wind and heavy rains over the span of a few days.  Regular rain storms during the same period are usually short.  The rain will cool things off for a few hours, but soon the temperature will rise and the sun comes out again.