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A Local Natural Wonder Tour

If you have a half-day free, this is the trip for you. Don’t miss this one. We will take you on a short trip to the most beautiful cenote in the Riviera Maya for Snorkelers.

You walk in, snorkel around, and then explore the rest of the caves. You will see stalagmites, stalactites, fossils, a fossilized reef, bats (harmless), trees up to 400 trees old, blind fish, stunning light displays as the light comes through openings in the ceiling and ancient Aztec temazcal.
This short adventure is filled with surprises most people aren’t aware exist in the area. You will love it!

Playa del Carmen: $60 per person
Aprox. 3-3.5 hrs.

Included in this tour:

Hotel pick up and drop off, All fees included, Snorkeling in the cenote, Personal Guide, DVD with pictures from your tour