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Reef Snorkeling Tour

Gran Arrecife Maya

On the “Gran Arrecife (reef) Maya” tour,  The Snorkel Shop will take you to the most beautiful snorkeling spots on the Riviera Maya. The Reef is in a protected National Park, where you will see aquatic flora and fauna of pristine color and beauty. A variety of Sea life ranging from  sea turtles, brightly colored schools of fish, eels, crustaceans and if we’re lucky a ray or two.

We start out in Playa del Carmen, where we will pick you up at an agreed destination. We transport you, in an air conditioned Van (eight person Maximum) with entertainment and beverages, to the National Park. Once there, professional guides will out fit you with your mask, fins, lifejacket and, of course snorkel. From there you are taken in a short boat ride, about 7minutes, to the reef. Once at the reef, you will receive a short briefing on what to do and where to go. Then into the water! Just follow the guide and admire the awesome under water wonders of the Caribbean. 30-40 min. later, you will return to the boat and be taken to another part of the reef to experience yet even more beauty.
After you return to shore to compare notes on what you saw, you will be treated to a cooked beach side lunch at a beach club, where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful view, have a shower, use the pool or go for a swim in the ocean. Once lunch is over, we will return you to Playa del Carmen to a destination of your choice.
Our guide will photograph your experience and will provide a CD Disc with lots of pictures for you to remember your trip and show your friends, at NO extra charge!

All our guides are E.F.R. (Emergency First Response) certified by P.A.D.I.

Included in this tour:

Hotel pick up and drop off, All fees included, 2 snorkels on the reef (45 mins each)Personal Guide, DVD with pictures from your tour all for only $85. USD per person.