Playa is teeming with restaurants! All types of food and settings. Beach Clubs, Local, Mexican, Italian, Sushi, and of course Scottish (McDonald’s). Whether you’re looking for a quick shrimp taco or a formal dinner, we know the restaurants in the area. Write us or stop by The Snorkel Shop (Our Home Base) and ask. There is more to experience in Playa than your hotel.

Asian Fusion and Mediterranean cuisine:

Mexican Food:

La Parrilla

La Bamba Jarocha (sea food, cocktails, etc.)

El Fogon (tacos al pastor, arrachera, etc.)

Dr Taco (the best shrimp tacos in playa)

HC Arracheras (arracheras, pastor, bisteck tacos)

Alux (it’s a restaurant inside a Cenote)

Mayan Food:

Yaxche (the best in the area)

El Faisan y El Venado (all kinds of regional food)

Italian Food:

Ristorante Da Bruno (sea food, pasta, meat, wine selection)

Ristorante Di Vino (pasta, meat, and a big selection of wines)

La Famiglia (pizza, pasta, birra and wine)

La Pumarola (pizza, pasta, birra, wine)

Asian Food:

Sushitlan (sushi rolls)


Babe’s Noodles (the best thai food in playa)