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Caribbean Fish Of The Riviera Maya


Fish of the Riviera Maya that you can see while snorkeling are some of the most colorful sights you will see while visiting Playa Del Carmen. Did you know that the world’s second largest reef is right in Playa Del Carmen? Squid, sea turtles, octopus, moray eels, barracuda, stingrays, and many other varieties of fish frequent this reef.
According to the travel experts, September is the best month to snorkel the Riviera Maya, while the best window for snorkeling in the area is from July to January. These are the times when the winds are lightest and wave heights are lowest. It’s difficult to snorkel if the waves are too high.
As you know, the fishing is fantastic on the Riviera Maya, but did you know that the fish you will see while snorkeling are just amazing?
You can snorkel right from shore in many places around Playa del Carmen. It’s actually one of the most popular activities in the area. It is a wonder you will not soon forget.
There are colorful tropical fish everywhere you look as soon as you duck your head under the crystal clear blue water of the Caribbean sea. Brilliantly lion fish playa del carmen
colorful coral reefs abound here and they teem with fish.
Did you know that you should wear a biodegradable sunscreen when snorkeling in Playa del Carmen? This is just one example of how careful the fine people in this area are about keeping it pristine and preserving the habitat for the fish you will see here. Need biodegradable sunscreen? You can get it here.
What kind of fish can you see when snorkeling? It’s a long list, but a few exotic examples are the Spotted Butterfly Fish, Blue Striped Grunts, and the spectacular Spotted Moray Eel.
You may have heard of some people feeding the fish while snorkeling near Play del Carmen, but it’s not recommended. Not only is it not natural for the fish, you can get bitten! As many divers say, “Take only pictures; leave only bubbles.”

You can see these colorful exciting fish and many more on a reef snorkeling tour with The Snorkel Shop of Playa Del Carmen.

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caribbean fish of the riviera