One of The Snorkel Shop's Partners is Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen. The El Taj Oceanfront Condo Hotel has set a Playa del Carmen beach web cam to constantly display the weather and beauty of the Caribbean waters of their beach. You can watch the sunny sands and the lapping waves with ease and you may start to realize what you’ve been missing from your vacations. We want you to look forward to your visit here, which is why our web cam is focused on one of the best features we have, the beach!

Our Condo Hotels Web Cam is always streaming for your benefit, showing you our crystal blue waters and white sand beaches, live to you anywhere in the world. Chances are, everyone is relaxing at the Indigo Beach Club, either under the shade of an umbrella, or on the edge of the pier. The view from the Condo Hotel web cam gives you a clear depiction of the relaxed scene in Playa del Carmen.


What you’re seeing is only a taste of what you’ll experience when you come to Playa Del Carmen for your vacation. You’ll be able to enjoy days of relaxation, fun, and other activities that will make your vacation one of the most memorable you’ll ever have. With the Snorkel Shop, you’ll have wonderful experiences swimming through the crystal blue waters where you’ll see the stunning reefs that our beach has to offer.